Make your wine glass or champagne flute your own with a simple piece of chalk!


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Chalkboard Stemware 16 oz. Red Wine Glass
G1352-CB-BK Black Base
G1352-CB-PG Pine Needle Green Base
G1352-CB-PL Deep Plum Base
G1352-CB-TN Tangerine Base
Chalkboard Stemware 8.5oz. White Wine Glass
G3874-CB-BK Black Base
G3874-CB-PG Pine Needle Green Base
G3874-CB-PL Deep Plum Base
G3874-CB-TN Tangerine Base
Chalkboard Stemware 5 3/4oz. Champagne Flute
G9192-CB-BK Black Base
G9192-CB-PG Pine Needle Green Base
G9192-CB-PL Deep Plum Base
G9192-CB-TN Tangerine Base
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