The most versatile full color system in the industry.

Residential dishwasher resistant and will not fade over time.




What is "Four-Color Perfect"?
PyroGraphics' exclusive, direct-screened, Organic Polymer full color imprinting system, "4-Color Perfect" is produced with the same four base colors (CMYK) and halftones as offset printing on paper. This unique high-resolution Four Color Process system produces color accuracy and detail rivaling magazine-quality offset printing. Optional spot colors are easily added for critical logo colors.

Competitive Advantage

"4-Color Perfect" is more color accurate and detailed than mugs produced with either decals or dye-sublimation. This, together with the range of products and special effect options available makes "4-Color Perfect" the best new choice for vibrant full-color imprinting.

- Color accuracy and detail as good as offset printing
- No decals or transfers
- Add spot colors for critical color matches
- Combine with precious metal spot colors, precious metal halos, iridescent colors, Vanish-Ink, neon or Moonglow and more
- New items are added monthly

- Call for information about 4-Color Perfect on items not shown



What items can PyroGraphics do Four Color Perfect on?

Available on over 750 items including colored, marble, and matte ceramics, glass, acrylic and stainless steel.


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