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14 oz. Salem Mugs, Satin Finish with Halo & Gloss Solid Color

Precision Spot Color

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  Gloss Black with Color Halo    

Glossy Solid Color

View Item With Logo   265-00 White
265-70-10H Black w/ Red Halo   265-10  Red
265-70-12H Black w/ Pink Halo   265-11 Maroon
265-70-27H Black w/ Orange Halo   265-14 Mauve / Coral
265-70-30H Black w/ Yellow Halo   265-27  Orange
265-70-40H Black w/ Green Halo   265-31 Bright Yellow
265-70-56H Black w/ Country Blue Halo   265-33  Golden Yellow
  Satin Color with Black Halo   265-40 Green
265-10-70HS Satin Red w/ Halo   265-48 Sea Foam / Aqua
265-11-70HS Satin Maroon w/ Halo   265-50  Cobalt Blue
265-27-70HS Satin Orange w/ Halo   265-535 Hawaiian Blue
265-30-70HS Satin Yellow w/ Halo   265-56 Ocean Blue
265-40-70HS Satin Green w/ Halo   265-58 Midnight Blue
265-52-70HS Satin Midnight Royal Blue w/ Halo   265-64 Deep Plum
265-56-70HS Satin Ocean Blue w/ Halo   265-70 Black
265-60-70HS Satin Deep Purple w/ Halo        
265-70-70HS Satin Black w/ Halo        

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Due to supply chain issues, please confirm prices and availability    
Prices include One Spot Color Imprint      
Lead and Cadmium Free Organic Polymer Ink!      
2021-2 Fade Resistant & Residential Dishwasher Resistant      
Additional charges may apply upon art review.      
  72 144 576 1008        
Gloss Black Salem Mugs with Color Halo   8.90 6.82 6.53 5.93        
Satin Color Salem mugs with Black Halo   10.02 7.68 7.35 6.68        
White Glossy Salem Mug   7.89 6.05 5.78 5.26        
Color Glossy Salem Mug (except below)   8.55 6.55 6.27 5.70        
Red, Mauve/Coral, and Orange Glossy Salem Mug   9.50 7.28 6.96 6.33        
Additional Imprint Colors   1.41 1.17 1.05 0.94 4c      
Set-up Charge   58.00 (g) per color, Reorder 26.50 (g) per color    
Imprint Area:   2"H x 2 3/4"W x 7 1/2"Wrap   Item Size: 4 3/8"H, 3 1/2" Dia  
Preproduction Proof:   40.00  per color (g)          
Pieces per carton/Weight   36 pcs/case 45 lbs        
Handout, Mailer and Custom Cartons are available, contact us!    

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